Side Note 1 - Dated 30 April 2003

Jim Stocker is a fellow Northern Knight club member and friend of the Day Dream Believer project that has always had a warm spot in his heart for the Goldberg Senior Falcon.  He has had several  variations of it over the past (lets say several) years of building and flying them.  Below you will get to see several versions of the Senior Falcon, a couple of which you might consider kit bashed.

The four engined version of the Sr. Falcon that you see below was inspired by the Day Dream Believer project.  Gary was wanting a four engine trainer to practice flying in anticipation of the completed Day Dream Believer.  He came up with the idea of kit bashing a Senior Falcon (I think because it is easy to build and has an air foiled horizontal stabilizer).  Since the kits are not readily available, he sent out to have the ribs laser cut (two sets).  Gary being a draftsman also allowed him to draw a modified set of plans for this four engined version.  Of course knowing of Jim's love of the Senior Falcon he provided Jim a set of plans and had him a set of ribs cut as well. 

The race was on to see who would have the bashed Falcon done first. I knew all along that it would be Jim to have his done first.  Jim has no Wednesday evening interruptions in his building schedule, he is an experienced Senior Falcon builder, has no rug rats under foot having birthdays, etc, and a very understanding wife, not that Gary's wife isn't very understanding as well (Any angel that caters diner to the flying field for just about anyone that is around to enjoy her wonderful cooking is worth several times her weight in gold, at least, that is how I see it in my mind (now I am rambling off onto a whole other subject)).  

Okay, I wish I had all the answers and stats I needed to tell you how the four engined Falcon flew etc, but I suppose that will have to come later.  I believe it has four Satio .30 engines on it, and that the rudder is mixed to the throttle to assist in turns.  I also believe it has anywhere from 6 to 9 servos in the wing alone. something like two aileron servos, two flap servos, four throttle servos, and an additional one to provide the rudder to throttle mix.  I am anxious to here what the total weight turned out to be and how well it flew.  Knowing Jim as I do the plane is more than likely covered and painted, rather than monokoted.  I'm not sure if Jim even owns a covering iron, but I am sure he has a paint brush. 

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