Week 25  -  14 May 2003

Week 25     14 May 2003

I am going to give the short version of the actual work done tonight again;

1.  Installed leading edge to starboard ribs 3 through 14
2.  Add second rear starboard sheet of sheeting
3.  Add shear rigs starboard side, front and rear spar, ribs 1 through 4
4.  Add triangle stock to starboard nose ribs 2 & 3
5.  Remove from table
6.  add filler blocks to starboard bottom spars
7.  Add plywood dowel pin doublers to starboard rib 14
8.  Drill dowel pin holes in doublers using rib 14 as template
9.  Sand everything flush to starboard rib 14
10. Take pictures outdoors
11. Repin to table

We are now ready to start starboard outboard panel next week.  This weeks pictures shows the center section (port & starboard are one piece now) with the port outboard section  attached.  The first picture is the top, the second the front, and the third is the bottom side.  The humidity is much higher now and the fourth picture shows us trying to separate the port outboard section after the picture session.  Guess the guide pins need a little more sanding.
-- Gary Himes

Week 26        21 May 2003

Tonight has a land mark significance.  It has been exactly 1/2 year ago we started building on this project.  I don't know when the counter was added to the web site but tonight it shows 935 hits.  We have been contacted by four people outside the United States.  At the end of the evening we have spent 222 man-hours constructing the project.  We have
spent $913.83 on the project so far, this includes kit, plastic window kit, wing tubes, glues and misc items needed.

 From the inside we have our doubts that we can finish the project in the proposed 1-1/2 years left.  People on the out side tell us we are working along at a good pace.  Maybe we just can't see the forest for the trees?  I hope that is the case.  We are already starting to get excited about flying Day Dream Believer.

Greg was missing tonight, as he is in Florida on business.  Rick and I gave him a call while we were working.  Greg was out walking on the beach.  Tough business trip heh??

As habit as of late I am going to give the short version of the actual work.  By the way, all work done tonight was on the starboard outboard wing panel.

1.  Make lite ply wing tube doublers for ribs 15, 16 & 17.
2.  Set up spars and ribs without gluing.
3.  Install shear webs on front and rear spars from rib 15 outward.
4.  Install leading and trailing edge.
5.  Install tri stock behind trailing edge to help support sheeting.
6.  Install dowel guide blocks and 3/8 dowel.
7.  Pin 3/8 dowel in place using 1/8 dowel.
8.  Install tri stock around dowel guide blocks

One last comment for this report.  I keep getting questions on just how big the wing is.  The best size comparison I can give for the pictures is to remember we are using a 3-0 X 9-0 steel door for a building table.   Hope this helps!
-- Gary Himes

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