Week 28  -  4 June 2003

 Week 28    -    4 June 2003

1.  Install  top starboard sheeting to match port side
2.  Install ribs R1 in center section
3.  Add tri stock to base of R1
4.  Install leading edge at center (port r3 to r1, starboard r1 to r3)
5.  Port & starboard side add 1 sheet of sheeting starting at leading edge.

Rick is on vacation with his family this week, so that leaves Greg & myself to carry on.  Stated above is what we got accomplished tonight.  Sure makes the wing look different.  Originally we were not going to put sheeting on the leading edge until the nacelles were installed.  Upon further consideration, we decided that the leading edge should be shaped before installing the nacelles, therefore we will install one sheet top and bottom to facilitate the shaping of the leading edge.
Gary Himes

Week 29  -  11 June 2003

1  Install center section dowel pin reinforcement balsa blocks and ply.
2  Outboard port & starboard panels,  smooth bottom for future sheeting.
3  Center section install bottom front sheeting next to leading edge.
4  Outboard port & starboard panels, install hardwood blocks on wing tubes.
5  Outboard port & starboard panels, install 1 sheet of sheeting to
existing front sheet on bottom side.
6  Rough shape all leading edges.

We were all here tonight to work.  Above you can see the short version of what was accomplished tonight.  We spent about 9 man hours doing the working part tonight.  When done we weighed the wing assembly again.  The weight was 9-1/2lbs with wing tubes but without the wing tips. Just for fun we threw on the nacelle parts, wing sheeting, tips and misc. needed to complete the basic wing structure.  The scales went real close to 15lbs.

We next spent about 4-1/2 man hours discussing, arguing and contemplating the hinging and controlling of the flaps and ailerons.   The rudder and elevator surfaces are thicker and we believe there will be no problem hiding the control linkages for these.  The flaps and ailerons, however are much thinner and we are not agreeing on using external control horns or trying to hide these control linkages as well.  We finally agreed to do some research this week to see what others have done.  Maybe it will be line of what we are thinking or maybe we will learn something new.
-- Gary Himes

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