Week 30  -  18 June 2003

Tonight I am going to start backwards and explain the pictures first. Picture #1 shows the outboard wing panels setting atop the inboard wing panel with all the leading edges rounded to shape.  Picture #2 shows the major nacelle forming parts on top of the nacelle details plan.  Picture #3 shows the two boxes that the wood was shipped in.  Looks like we are getting towards the bottom of both boxes.

The night started with Gary using the razor plane to rough shape the leading edges.  Next Rick stepped in and shaped and smoothed the leading edges using sandpaper.  Meanwhile Greg was locating the nacelle parts & plans detail sheet and studied them.  The leading edge was shaped in its entirety in about 1 hour.  We spent about 3-1/2 hours each or 10-1/2 total man-hours working tonight.

A lot of time was spent figuring out the plans and discussing what motors we are going to use.  We are intent on staying with gas motors.   We are not exactly sure which one yet,  therefore the decision was made to mount the firewall as far reward as possible.  We are placing the firewall more rearward than the plans show.  The landing gear was the determining factor on how far we went.  This should allow for all possible circumstances.  If, by chance, the fire wall would be too far back we will add metal spacers behind the motor to get where it belongs.

Once the nacelles are built and installed the visual progress will probably slow way down.  We have been side stepping a lot of details as far as hinges, servos, control horns, etc. and etc.  This soon will catch up with us.
-- Gary Himes

Week 31     - 25 June 2003

Tonight no work was done on the plane.  We had one more discussion on our motor choices,  then off shopping we went.  We ended up at Wal-mart and bought a Weedeater Brand "Featherlite" weed eater for $58.76.

We then returned to Gary's house and began tearing the weed eater apart.   It is a 18cc motor.  Next we laid it on the plans to check fit.  The cylinder head does not stick as far out of the cowl as we envisioned, however the carb may stick out a little also.  We made the final decision, to go for it.  The motor is held to the case via the backing plate (just like model motors) being molded into the plastic shrouding.  The backing plate was cut from the rest of the shroud and installed back on motor.

Gary is going to see about getting a mounting plate made,  Rick is in charge of buying 3 more weed eaters just like this one and Greg is going to check on different carburetor options.  All 3 of us are going to check to see what other people have done on conversions.

We spent tonight a total of 4.5 man-hours discussing, purchasing and tearing apart the weed eater.
Gary Himes

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