Week 34  -  16 July 2003

Tonight we had the full crew working on the project.  We finished sheeting the top side of the center section of the wing..  We intended on also sheeting the top side of the nacelles, but decided against that.   The reason not to sheet top of nacelles now is because of our recessed firewalls, the sheeting will extend past the firewall approx 1-1/2 inches, which would be an invitation for breakage at this point.

Our next step will be to bring the fuse back home so we can fit the wing to it.  After that being done we will display the wing at the hobby shop and continue working on the fuse for a while.  We talked about going and picking up the fuse tonight.  But today, here in Kansas City, the temperature reached 96F with the heat index being well over 100F.  Therefore Rick was really beat, plus Greg and Gary weren't  networking the best tonight.  I think this happens sometimes when a job starts to overwhelm a person.  Any way, we called it an early night and look forward to a more productive week next week. 

Tonight the pictures show a little different view as we installed the outboard panels and stood the wing on the nacelles for both a bottom view and an top view.  The last picture is the standard top view of the center section only.

Gary Himes

Week 35     -     23 July 2003

Tonight we started with the full crew then ended up with Rick and Gary.   Greg had a previous engagement that he had to attend.  Gary picked up the fuse from the NRC Hobbies on monday night, so we were ready to go.  

Rick and Greg started with the fuse trimming the fuse formers to the indicated laser lines while Gary trimmed the trailing edge of the wing as needed.  We trial fitted the wing to the fuse and sanded as
necessary.  Soon the Pizza was delivered and we ate.  Greg then left Rick and Gary to carry on.

After some more sanding and fitting  we triangulated the fuse to the wing.  Next the wing was leveled, incidence checked, and the fuse checked for being perpendicular.  Every thing looked fine, so that told us we have a good fit.  The next job is to install the 1/32 ply to the wing seat in the fuse.  We decided to wait till next week to do this as could be a little time consuming.  Attached pictures are the first to show all the major assemblies put together as one.
--Gary Himes

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