Week 38  -  13 August 2003

No work was done on the project tonight.  The reason being that Rick and Randy were on vacation again.  It had nothing to do with the fact that it is Gary's 27th wedding anniversary.........honest!

I believe that since we would not let Greg work on the project alone,  he scheduled a special appointment with his counsler...LOL!
-- Gary Himes

Week 39     -     20 August 2003

Tonight we got all the wing blocks installed and the wing bolts drilled and set.  This was after much work and the plane was kicking our butts.   First we glued the bolt blocks to the fuse, then glued the needed filler blocks into the wing.  Then we once again squared and
triangulated the wing to fuse seat.  We then measured and drilled 3/32 pilot holes thru the wing into the fuse mounted bolt block.  We were not happy with the results.  The holes were not in the center of the blocks as desired.

So we stepped back and re-grouped.  Our decision was to use the already drilled holes for added dowel alignments to be added next week.  From experience we know wing bolt holes are not always easy to find and figured the added dowel alignment pins would make assembly easier at the field.  But for tonight they are our jig/fixturing holes.

We removed the wing and marked the wing bolts dead-center where we wanted them.  Next we drilled the new holes and installed 1/4-20 blind nuts.  Next we re-installed the wing using the 3/32 existing holes as alignment holes using drill bits as alignment pins.  Check the wing
measurements once again and was perfect.  We then took a plastic bolt and with the aid of a sanding belt put a point on the bolt.  Thru the
top of the fuse we installed the new plastic centering aid thru the back side of the blind nut  to mark the wing.  Removed the wing and drilled
the holes using the center marks we just made.  Again the wing goes back on using the 3/32 drill bits as alignment aids and install wing bolts.
 They go in perfect.  Check all measurements one last time and find perfect.  

So we take pictures and call it a night, only 4 hours latter (12 man-hours).  By the way, in the pictures you will see the wing bolts are
plastic.  It will not fly with these, they were just handy for tonight.  The finished plane will use aluminum wing bolts.
-- Gary Himes 

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