WEEK 4/5 - 11/18 Dec 2002
We didn't work last Wed because of a Christmas Party,..........however we still had a couple of short sessions and of  course we worked tonight..  The fuse planking is done as far as we can go till we turn it over to work on the other side.  To date we now have 37.5 man hours invested into this project.  Before we can turn the fuse over we need to built the vertical fin.  Contacted the kit cutter and he is going to furnish the missing pieces, he advised it may take up to 2 weeks before he could get the replacement parts cut.

If the parts don't make it before next building session we will start on the horizontal stab as must be installed into fuse before all fuse planking can be completed.  With Christmas being next it is obvious that we will not work that night,  We talked about it but the wives put a quick and BIG VETO on that one.  So will take pics next time that enough progress has taken place that it is worth a pic.   Merry Christmas to Everyone!!

Week 5 - 12-27-2002
Tonight was a night of both visual & mental progress.  We got the parts and built the vertical fin.  Sheeted the vertical fin.  Now the BIG step.  We pulled the pins and removed from the building board!  Now we grin, take pictures, grin, weight it and grin some more.  The weight is 2-1/2 pounds.  Next we cut stilts and glue to the fuse crutch.  Now turn her over and pin to the board again.  At quitting time we have now logged 50 man hours on this project.  Next building night is again
unsure as Wed night will be New Years Day........after flying the Frozen Thumb we are not sure if we want to build.  Also they are predicting a nice weekend so we are planning of flying then also..........This time of year when you have good flying weather you take it!!!!

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