Week 40     -     27 August 2003

First order of business was to install the wing alignment  pins which were discussed last week.  Next we installed a dowel pin thru the wing mounting block in the fuse.  This dowel ties the bolt block to the wing seat plywood and on into a fuse former.

The plywood wing mounting plate was epoxied into place on the wing,  Now we drilled the block by drilling thru existing hole in the wing.  The bolt did not seat flat on the mounting plate.  Instead of counter boring the wing plate we added a wedge shaped hardwood block  on top of the plate.  Another assembly shows us that every thing looks fine.

Now we locate the 1/32 plywood which will become out wing saddle.  Wax paper was installed under the 1/32 plywood to prevent us from gluing the fuse wing seat to the wing.  Pictures were taken and we called it a night.

Now I know this may not seem like a lot accomplished, but remember, we always take a supper break on build night.  Because I forgot to pick up screws we had to make a hobby shop run.  Much discussion was also needed tonight.  Probably one more slow looking night  and progress will look faster for a while.

Gary Himes

Week 41     -     3 September 2003

Before we started this project Wednesday nites were always middle of the week fly night.  That quit once we started the project.  Before last week we had about three weeks of temps hovering around 100 and above, therefore flying was not thought about.  Then last weekend (Labor Day weekend)((3 day holiday)) it rained hard 2 of the 3 days, so more flying
was missed.  Anyhow we were feeling really sorry for ourselves and decided to shelf the project this week and fly.  What a beautiful nite!   Daytime high today was 86F with light cross wind changing latter to straight down the runway.

For you guys that like the pictures, we took a picture of us at the field with the planes we were flying.  Left is Greg and his Rising Star Trainer, center is Rick and his Cermark F16, and right is Gary and his Carden 300s.  Now I can here the gears turning in your heads as I write this......Why is Greg flying his trainer?  Well, in the not too distant past, Greg was flying  his Cap (known as snap Cap), and was about 2 snaps high.....problem is....he did 3 snaps.  Guess you can figure the rest!!!

Gary Himes

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