Week 42 - 10 September

We got a little bit of work done tonight.  Tonight was more of a bonding night really.  It is really great to have friends to lean on  when life's cards aren't what you expect.

Last time we thought we were ready to start attaching the wing fillet material.  Then we realized we were not considering the thickness of the glass cloth which, according to Don Smith, is a must for the entire airframe.  So we removed the wing again and duct taped 1/32 plywood to the wing to simulate the thickness of the fiberglass cloth and resin.  Wax paper was taped over the wing and the wing installed back on the fuse.  When we tried to slide in the 1/32" X 2" plywood , which becomes
the wing saddle,  it would not fit.  Therefore we had to do some sanding on the fuse.  Once the plywood fuse saddle was in and located we talked about how to add the fillet blocks between the saddle and fuse side.

The only picture tonight shows the starboard side with the rear fillet blocks glued in place. 
-- Gary Himes

Week 43     -     17 September 2003

OK----tonight we have a couple pictures you guys were wanting to see.   We put together all the finished parts to date.  After the first two pictures were taken we put the assembly on the scale.    The result was 17 pounds even.

Now for the work of the night.  First was a trip to the Hobby Shop to pick up a couple of  pieces of triangle stock that was needed.  Back home to start installing the top wing fillets.  After much fitting the job was done.

The last two pictures show the wing fillets installed and a bottom view to show the wing saddle.  Now that the wing is removed we will move it to our sponsoring Hobby Shop (NRC Hobbies),  for display/storage.  We now will spend our time on the fuse and tail feathers for a while.

Tonight was a huge emotional hump that was crested.  There is still some down time in the future with a little vacation time to be spent and possibly even another fly night if the weather would be good.
-- Gary Himes

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