Week 44 - 24 September 2003

Normally we have a plan of what we are going to do work night before we start..  That wasn't the case tonight because of Club officer responsibilities,  visiting other clubs Fly-Ins,  work, and personal lives.

We started to sheet the hump at the top of the fuse, but found out we had no 1/8" sheeting left.  So Rick and Gary figured out the tail wheel bracket while Greg Studied and started building the (moveable) rudder.

It was decided that the tail wheel structure should be glued with 2-ton /2hour epoxy.  So the necessary slot was cut into the bracket face and the sub-assembly clamped and glued.  With that done the actual tail wheel assembly was held inside the fuse at the appropriate location and the hole through the bottom of the fuse was started to allow the tail wheel to extend out of the fuse.  Once the wooden tail wheel bracket is installed there is more cutting out needed, but we wanted to get an idea of what the wheel would look like coming out of the fuse.

Greg got one side of the (moveable) rudder built and sheeted.  Like all other parts of this plane (except the wing) the rudder is built in two halves glued one on top of the other.  We stopped Greg from building the second half of the rudder and had a vivid discussion on how to hinge the rudder.  Once we were in agreement, we called it a night and made a run to the Hobby Shop (Sponsor) to pick up our hinging material, missing 1/8" sheeting and missing 1/16" sheeting needed to sheet rudder and

Following is 3 pictures which show what is described again.
-- Gary Himes

Week 45     -     01 October 2003

NEWSFLASH::::::We had a good night with NO vivid discussions, and every one "played nice"!!    HAHAHAHA  LOL

Tonight we had our check list of items to be completed which helps.   Greg worked on the rudder more while Rick and Gary worked on the tail wheel & cutout some more.  We decided  the rudder mounting  in the  vertical needed worked on so trial fits could be made.  Gary made the stationary Delrin hinge blocks while Rick milled the slots in the vertical for the hinge blocks.

By this time Greg had the rudder roughed out.  Calculations were made then the rudder was slotted  to allow mating to the stationary vertical fin blocks.  Trial fit was made and everything looked good.  In the pictures you will notice that there is a big gap between the rudder and the vertical fin.  This is as close as we can get for now, since the front of the rudder is still rough shaped and not rounded.

The front long runner part of the vertical was rough shaped and glued to the fuse.  With that done we called it a night.
-- Gary Himes

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