Week 46 - 8 October 2003

There was no work done on the project tonight.  Greg was out of town on business, while Gary, Randy (Web master), Charlie (Sponsor), Bob (Friend), & Jim (Friend & co-mini 4 owner) were on their way to Las Wages To attend the First Hobby Visions Trade show & Totally Outrageous Challenge.  While were there we also visited the QSAA fly-in and checked it out.
-- Gary Himes

Week 47 - 15 October 2003

First off tonight we started discussing the controlling of the rudder.  It's amazing how much a person forgets when they take a week off.

Greg worked on the rudder again.  First he glued in a piece of 1/4" basswood against the very bottom of the rudder.  This was done to be used as a bolt block for the control horn we have dreamed up.  You will
see this in the future after it is constructed.  Next he finished sheeting the rudder.  Then he started rounding and shaping the front of  the rudder.

Rick helped Gary a little with the tail wheel then proceeded to shaping the leading edge of the vertical fin.

Gary worked on the cutout for the tail wheel bracket.  The cut out now allows the full travel of the tail wheel both in the up and down position.  We have not glued the tail wheel bracket in place yet and
will not do so for a while.  Also the cutout in the fuse is not shaped correctly yet. We were going for function first then looks comes next.

We are to a point where we will be working our behinds off and not getting a lot to show for the work.  So bear with us, as every week will get us closer to the end  product.

-- Gary Himes

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