Week 50 - 5 November 2003

Tonight was spent basically avoiding the rudder, although a little more leading edge sanding was done.  Also the 1/32 ply air seals were rough cut.

We finished sheeting the hump above the bomb bay on the fuse.  A lot quicker typed than done.

A quick run to our sponsor/hobby shop (NCR Hobbies) to pick up carbon fiber tubing to use for the elevator hinges.  Once back home holes were drilled in the elevators using first music wire for a guide, then sharpened brass tubing did the actual cutting of the holes.  The carbon fiber tubes were then installed and glued in place. 

We then called it a night after working only about 2 hours each or a total of 6 man-hours for the night.  We are still fresh into the time change, and we haven't gotten into the full swing of things yet.  Only 2
more weeks left till the one year time mark.  On that night I will reveal the total man-hours and money spent on the project so far.

-- Gary Himes

Week 51     -     12 November 2003

Tonight was a rare night as we got a lot accomplished and we all were on the same page, so to speak.  Instead of using Robart hinges like the plans show we decided to hinge the elevators just like we did on the rudder.  A quick review of the pictures we took of Aluminum Overcast and Nine-O-Nine proved this is how the full size bird is done.

The night started off figuring the placement of the delrin hinge plates.  Rick started cutting the holes in the horizontal fin while Gary cut the delrin hinge plates to shape.  Greg was a little late because of traffic, and showed up just as we finished these two little jobs.  Rick next started shaping the port side wing fillets while Greg and Gary worked the elevators.

If you recall from the earlier pictures the elevators were built with the sheeting left off one side.  The carbon fiber rods were glued in place running parallel with the center line.  We added a 1/16" X 3/4
sheet against the open side flush with the front of  the elevator.  Also a 1/4" thick piece of wood had to be glued to the leading edge of the elevator, this will allow it to be sanded to a full round shape.  Now the leading edge was planed and sanded to a nice round shape.  Next to the band saw to cut the slots to allow mating to the delrin hinge plates.  The existing air seal was cut off.  We will use 1/32" plywood
air seals just like on the vertical fin.

Excitedly we slide the horizontal fin into the fuse then attached the elevators using 3/32" music wire (again, just like the elevator).  This is where we found another error in the plans.  Firstly, the elevator is too tight against the horizontal.  Secondly, the elevator is too close to the fuse to get much down elevator.  At this point we called it a night, work wise.  We scratched our heads and discussed the problem at hand.  Our fix is to glue another elevator rib to the inside of the existing one, then sand the existing one away.  At this point the delrin hinge blocks are not bolted in place.

Enough ramblings for this week.  Next week we have been working on the project for 1 year.  When we started it was to be a 2 year project, so I believe we are on schedule.  Next week I will disclose the amount of time and money we have in the project to this point.

-- Gary Himes

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