Week 53 - 19 November 2003

We met tonight to work on the project.  After a brief discussion we decided not to work tonight since tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  We all agreed that we were thankful for the companionship and progress made on the project.  Like any good relationship, we have had, and still will have our differences of opinion, but we just keep sailing to smoother waters.

We also want to thank our Webmaster Randy Cameron.  We also want to Thank all of you.  Seeing all the hits on the website and compliments some of you have sent really do mean a lot to us.

In closing, Thank You and have a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving!
Gary Himes

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Week 54     -     3 December 2003

Tonight was spent with all 3 of us working on the horizontal fin & elevators.  First business was to sand the formers in the fuse to allow the horizontal to slide into place again.  The horizontal tips were
marked and drilled to accept the carbon fiber tube for the hinge wire.   The elevator was held into proper position and the tips were glued to the horizontal fin.

Next  a 1 x 1 x 1-7/8 balsa block was installed in line with the elevator hinge wire, on the inboard horizontal fin center section.  With elevator removed we installed the hinge wire and used it for a guide,
while we pushed a heated brass tube into the new balsa block.  Now we inserted another piece of carbon fiber tube into the new hole.

To explain the whole picture,  the hinge wire is supported in the wing tip with carbon fiber and at the fuse/horizontal center is another carbon tube with the wire also going through 2 delrin blocks in the
elevator.  This resulted in a very strong and smooth hinge on the elevators.

The last step of the night was to add 1/16 & 1/32 balsa sheets to fill a couple of places on the horizontal that were concaved or depressions.   Then the entire horizontal stab was sanded smooth.  The horizontal stab in not yet glued into the fuse yet as we want to do a few more things before we make it one big assembly.  -- Gary Himes

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