WEEK 6 - 3 Jan 2003
Happy New Year everyone.

Monday and Tonight shows again great visual progress.  All starboard fuse formers and vertical fin formers are installed.  One piece of fuse sheeting was installed at rear vertical fin area and two sheets were installed in the nose area.  We are again to the point where visual progress will not show much again as we have to install the majority of the starboard fuse sheeting.  We are getting better at the sheeting but we are becoming a little more particular so don't know if we will be faster!  Now with the Holidays over and everyone back at work we will return to our Wednesday night building sessions.  --  Gary Himes


WEEK 7 - 8 Jan 2003

As stated in last report visual progress is not much.  Tonight we got 4 pieces of sheeting installed on the starboard fuse side.  Two short sheets at the nose from existing sheeting down to the crutch on the bottom side.  Then at the rear we started from the bottom side on the crutch, and installed two sheets working toward centerline.  Not real exciting but progress just the same.

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