Week 72 - 7 April 2004 

Picture 1 shows the tail wheel in the up position. In this picture you can see the 1/8" lite-ply plate that we installed between the tail wheel bulkhead and the bulkhead in front of the horizontal stab. You can also see the carbon fiber stiffeners which we added last week, make a mental note for the next picture.

Picture 2 shows the carbon fiber rod we added this week, in front of the tail wheel bulkhead and tied with kevlar string to the carbon fiber rod on the back side. This made the tail wheel bulkhead rock solid. Now look at the bottom of the fuse. We added 1/8" x 2" x 15" lite-ply. The thought for this, is to distribute load forces from the tail wheel bulkhead forward through the forward 4 bulkheads. This plate will also give us a flat surface to mount the tail wheel retract servo.

Picture 3 shows the retract servo mounted, and the plate glued to the forward bulkheads. Although we did not hook the servo to a radio, the servo works the retract with very little pressure.

None of what we did tonight is shown on the plans. We believe we will have a stronger more durable aircraft because of these modifications.  We are now happy with the structure internally. That means, next building night we will sheet the starboard tail section which is now open.


Greg wanted me to tell all of you that last week he was in Seattle doing research. Funny thing is, he didn't know any more than he did two weeks ago. Hahaa.

-- Gary Himes

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Week 73 - 14 April 2004

Tonight's progress can be summed up in one word "sheeting". More specifically starboard rear fuse sheeting.

I am in class this week, learning new cad software. Yes they think they can teach an old dog new tricks! Anyhow I don't get home till 1 to 1-1/2 hours latter than working. So, Rick & Greg started without me and I joined in shortly after I got home.

As you can see from the pictures getting the fuse sheeting finished really changed the looks of this bird! Next week we plan on working on the fuse some more. Then the following week we will probably bring the wing home from NRC Hobbies and finish the wing fillets on the fuse.Before we called it a night we got curious about weight. Out come the scales for the moment of truth. The plane, as it sits in the pictures, which include 2 elevator servos, 1 rudder servo, 1 retract servo and all associated linkages and connections weights 8 pounds even.

-- Gary Himes

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