WEEK 8 - 15 Jan 2003
Between a couple hours Saturday and some tonight we now have installed 6 more pieces of fuse sheeting.  We ended early tonight because of the pending snowstorm, since Greg & Rick have so far to travel home.  Also fuse sheeting is not very exciting and has to be done in small doses!
 We discussed that next week we will sheet the starboard side of the vertical fin.  Then with that done we feel that enough fuse sheeting is in place that we can remove from stilts.  We will then make a cradle for the fuse so we can rotate as necessary to ease the installation of more fuse sheeting.  Our plan is while 2 of us continue fuse sheeting the other can start building the horizontal stab, as the stab will need installed before some of the fuse sheeting can be installed around the tail section -- Gary Himes

WEEK 9 - 23 Jan 2003
We didn't work last night because of the snow and stupid people on the roads!  We, however, did work tonight.  Rick sheeted the starboard vertical fin while Gary & Greg figured out the horizontal stab.  Yes the rearward sheeting is missing from the vertical.  We will leave like that till down the road, this allows building progress to be made while
leaving us flexibility in hinge design and servo placement.

The horizontal stab is built like the fuse, as you build one side from the center line out, sheet, then turn over and build the bottom side to the top side.  Kinda neat construction technique.  It took us a while to figure out the construction for the stab.  Remember, there are no instructions for this kit, we are supposed to be experienced enough to know what to do.  Anyhow the horizontal stab has a span of almost 5 feet with the tips installed.  The plans shows the spar to be cut near the
center section.  Greg and Gary had trouble with this so they spliced the spar where the splice would be towards the end of the stab and bent the spar as required at the center section.  Because of the slow progress tonight there are only two pics, a close up of the Vertical stab sheeting and a pic of the Horizontal stab.

If at times I seem too wordy in these reports, it is because we are trying to help some other person in the future with a like project.  We have looked around and can't find any sites as detailed as ours.  Wish we could find one.  If nothing else it would confirm that we are moving in a proper sequence and direction. -- Gary Himes

WEEK 10 - 29 Jan 2003
In order to pay respects to Leo Hylton, the Day Dream Believer B-17 Project was not worked on this week

Day Dream Believer

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