Week 81 - 9 June 2004

Week 81 - 9 June 2004

First business tonight was to build the other aileron. Next we sheeted both ailerons on the topside to seal them up.  Next we installed the wing tips. This is where we found out the blocks

are not thick enough for the wing. We used them anyway and installed a scab piece to the top where the block was shy. This will also have to be done to the bottom side, however, it is not sheeted yet. We also rough planned the top side of the block to match the wing contour.

Now, how are we going to hinge the ailerons? We had already decided to use the Hobby Lobby actuators, so we sat back and planned an attack. These actuators are sold in pairs, and we only have 2 pairs at this time. Here is where we figured out they are left and right, therefore we will need 2 more pairs and use all the lefts in the port panel and all the rights on the starboard panel. To drive them we plan on threading ball links on the actuators then bolting the ball links to a flat carbon fiber rod. The servo will attach to the carbon fiber rod also.

With plan in place we cut the slots in the trailing edge of the wing to accept the actuators. Next we installed basswood between the necessary ribs to bolt the actuators to. The ailerons look like the stick out the back of the wing further than we expected, so we installed one panel to the wing center section, then held the flap and aileron in place. Looks good in the big picture. This proves to us however, we need to move our concern to mounting the flaps first, then install the ailerons.

-- Gary Himes

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Week 82 - 16 June 2004

10 days ago, I gave my good friend Lloyd Willhite, some raw aluminum stock and a drawing for prop hubs, motor spacers, and spot facing the flywheels. 2 days ago all the completed parts were sitting on my door step. So first step tonight, was to drool over the expert craftsmanship sitting in front of us. As soon as our mouths dried out we began work.

As stated last week, we worked on fitting the flaps to the wing. Also a couple of solid balsa blocks were installed into the wing at each end if the flap. We did not get our actuators this week, as the Hobby Shop's vender screwed up the order. Charlie (shop owner & sponsor) called the vender and got the correct parts on their way. Therefore the flaps are not hinged into place yet.

But we are still really pumped, about our motors! So we install the prop adapters to the motors & reinstall the muffler to the first motor we tore down and did the carb modification to. Further inspection show the fuel inlet was pointed straight toward the motor mount. To fix the problem we run weed-eater cord inside the inlet and put the spring bender on the outside. This allowed us to bend the brass line to a position more our liking. After discussing possible fuel tank locations and landing gear set-up we called it a night.

I have a personal commitment next week. Therefore I will not be able to work. Rick & Greg, however, are going to start all the motors and measure & record how much pull each one has. I don't know if they will summit a report or not. If not I will catch you up the following week.

-- Gary Himes

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