Week 88 - July 21, 2004

First Business tonight is to give a BIG THANK YOU to the crew of the Collins Foundation B17G "Nine-O-Nine". This plane is in town today and tomorrow, then leaves out Friday. The three of us went to the Downtown Airport to see her again. We talked to the crew and showed them some pictures of our project. They allowed us to get up close with tape measure in hand, and measure the locations and sizes of every door on the aircraft. It was good to look over the "ole" bird again and check out what we are doing on our project. Being up close again allowed us to verify that every B17 model we have ever seen, has the top turrent cheated to the rear. Again thank you guys!

We drove back to my house and worked a little on our project. We located and glued in the rear main landing gear support. To tie this support strongly we used our famous 2-ton epoxy, then drilled and inserted 4 carbon fiber solid rod pieces 5/32 dia thru the support and spar blocks we have installed over the last couple of weeks. 

We talked about splicing the firewalls back on, but thought better of it till we get the motors located and installed. Hopefull we can soon get these gear mounted and move on!

-- Gary Himes

b17-87-1.jpg (61978 bytes) b17-87-2.jpg (51398 bytes) b17-87-3.jpg (77392 bytes) b17-87-4.jpg (70910 bytes)

Week 89 - July 28 2004

Well tonight we are back up to where we were 3 or 4 weeks ago, The nacelle sides are now reattached for the inboard motors. We started the night by locating the inboard motors on the firewalls. Next we drilled the mounting holes and installed 1/4-20 tee nuts for the motor mounting. After rechecking our calculations, we cut 1" lite-ply filler/extender blocks for the existing nacelle runners. Next we cut 1/8" aircraft ply splicers which run between the nacelle formers on the outside. A dry fit showed us everything looked good so we expoxy splicers into place.

We now located the tee nuts on the outboard nacelles and installed them. With the inboard nacelles being clamped up drying, we decided to call it a night again. We have only been averaging about 2 hours per night working time for about the last month. Hopefully next week we will not be "painting ourselves into a corner" and can get more time in per night.

-- Gary Himes

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