Week 93 - 1 September 2004

We are back in the ole rut of alternating weeks of good progress, then little progress. This was the slow week. The entire night was spent setting the starboard flap closing correctly. There were numerous problem causing this ranging from some rib interference to actuator slots which were too wide.

Once closing was corrected, we sheeted the area inboard and outboard of the actual flap. Now slots were cut through the ribs to allow for the installation and movement of the .092 X .200 flat carbon fiber rod connecting the actuators. The flaps were then clamped shut and actuators were then mounted to the carbon fiber.

The clamps were removed and the flap works flawlessly going tight shut to 30 degrees open. A quick tidy up of the shop and we call it a night once again!

--  Gary Himes

Week 94 - 8 September 2004
When I was growing up there was a Rock song named "IT DON'T COME EASY". That perfectly describes tonight's progress. We cut the slots in the wing ribs for the port side flaps, and had the flap set were it was fitting nice when we discovered the port side flap was 1/4" wider than the starboard flap. This situation was fixed now the flap don't close as well as we would like. We will fix that problem next week with fresh patience and ideas of what is causing the problem.

We also got the actuators mounted for the ailerons. Next we started shaping the top side of the starboard aileron. So once again the progress don't look outstanding, however we are making progress all the same. Not sure why I am not very wordy tonight, but don't know what else to write. Talk to you again next week!

-- Gary Himes


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