Week 96 - 15 September 2004

Different day, different problems can sum up tonight. Upon beveling the ailerons we realized one of the wings had a warp in it. Don't know why or how, just know we have to fix it. So sheeting was added and sanded to solve the problem. Now on to the real work of the night.

Notches were cut in the wing ribs to allow for the installation of the carbon fiber tie rod. The aileron tie rods were installed and adjusted on both port & starboard wing panels. Also 1" square aircraft plywood was over the basswood block at the wing tube. Now we cut through the shear web the size of a servo cutout. This allowed us to checkout and discuss our servo mounting for the ailerons.

Tune in next week to see how we do!

-- Gary Himes

Week 97 - 22 September 2004

Week 97 - 22 sept 2004

We had a visitor tonight, our web master Randy. He has been in town for a class and decided to drop by. I do think, however, that Randy was a bit disappointed as we didn't have any fist fights, bloody noses and the like HAHA!

Tonight we installed the aileron servos, then took them out and re-installed them like Rick wanted in the first place. Then a little adjusting with different servo arms and the servos then worked perfect.

The bottom of the port outer panel was then sheeted. We decided to make the hatch go all the way across the wing to allow maintenance on any part of the aileron control needed.

The Starboard panel is the one with the warp. So the bottom needed sanded and shimmed to correct for the situation. With this done we called it a night. Just the outboard panels alone, look like a whole wing for a .60 size airplane.

-- Gary Himes

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