Week 100 - 13 October, 2004

First item of business tonight was to install the motors to the wing. Once that was done we had to just stand back and smile a little. It just feels good that we have progressed to this point.

Now we collect up the nacelle parts. OOps. there is two formers missing. Guess we will have to make them ourselves. Now we take the top nacelle crutch and locate according to plans. Something just don't look right. Check the plans, yes the crutch only goes back as far as the wing spar. So now to our pictures and books looking for top views. The center nacelle does not go as far back as it should. So now we build our own center nacelle crutch to be more scale correct. This kind of work really eats up the time. Now we locate all four crutches and glue into place.

Because of the gas motors we set the firewall back to accommodate the motor better. What this means, is, we need to add rings to the firewall to bring the nacelle sheeting forward like it should be. After getting the center nacelles done, we called it a night.BTW...I am still smoke & nicotine free.

-- Gary Himes

Week 100 - 20 October, 2004

Today was Rick's birthday and his family had a better deal than working  on the project. I am a little under the weather so work was called off  tonight. See ya next week.

-- Gary Himes

 Congrats to Gary for remaining smoke free!


Happy Birthday Rick!


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