Week 102 - 27 October, 2004

Once again I can describe the work in one sentence. We started sheeting the tops of all 4 nacelles. It is very time consuming as we are sheeting the whole nacelle and not cheating by adding a lot of filler. It is also nice to be doing work that shows easily again. Seems like we have been working on details and not much to show for it. I am not very wordy tonight so will sign off and let you look at the pictures!

Still smoke free!!

-- Gary Himes

Week 103 - 3 November, 2004

Once again the name of the game is sheeting of the nacelles. We had several comments last week about the outboard nacelles looking tilted up. We checked it out and think it is just a optical illusion. We got all 4 nacelles sheeted down to the halfway mark and they look better now. Thinking we were doing so good we turned the wing over to start working on the bottom.

Reality hit us like a ton of bricks. We cannot sheet the bottom of the nacelles till we sheet the bottom of the wing. We can't sheet the bottom of the wing till we decide on locations of tanks, servos and other misc. issues. Guess what I am saying is decision time is here...we must stop procrastinating and make decisions.

Still smoke free!

-- Gary Himes

Week 104 - 10 November, 2004

We did not work on the project tonight. There is a bug in my house, to point 4 of 5 people have had it. Thought would save the guys from it and cancel building. See ya next week.

 Smoke free 6 weeks!!!

-- Gary Himes

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