Week 105 - 17 November, 2004

According to our original statements, we should be done with the project

this week. As you know that is not the case. Looking at the big

picture we may be only 1/2 done. Our reply, So WHAT.........this is a hobby project and it will be done when it is done. It is not a race, it is a hobby project. The important thing is we are all three still friends and still working on the project together. In some respects it is scary how much we know about each other and how they react in any given situation. I should be giving you all kinds of two year figures this week. I will do that sometime before this year end when I have a little more time on hand to give the accurate numbers.

Tonight got off to a slow start. I didn't pick up the fuel tanks or fuel tubing like I was supposed to. Therefore, the three of us went to hobby shop then to the automotive store to pick up some vacuum tubing. Then when we got home we had a good discussion on how and where to run the hoses and place the fuel tanks. We used the vacuum tubing for grommets to protect the fuel tubing from chaffing.

That is the extent of the visual progress for tonight. Maybe we can buckle in and get more done, however I doubt it with the holiday season rapidly sneaking up on us.

On the personal note, in four days I will have been smoke and nicotine free for two months now. I will also quit wasting space here telling you how I am doing. At this Point I have to believe I have the habit kicked. I will just have to daily say no to my old urges.

-- Gary Himes

Week 106 - 24 november; 2004

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We did not work tonight because of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Where has this year gone.?

-- Gary Himes

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