Week 112 - 5 January, 2005

We were ready to resume work on the project tonight, but mother nature had other Ideas. It started last night with a good round of freezing rain, enough to sag the trees real good. Then this morning is sleeted all morning till about 1 pm, then it began to snow. With Rick & Greg living a good ways north we decided to call the night a wash,

I did however, get caught up on the book work of the project. Thanksgiving 2004 was our two mark, and I did not get the numbers published, so here they are. At this point we have a total of 701-1/2 single man-hours put into this bird. Money wise she has cost us $2534.40 so far. I really didn't think we had spent quite that much yet, however the gear, wheels/tires and brakes cost over $700.00 by them selves.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a very Joyous New Year.

-- Gary Himes

Week 113 - 12 January, 2005

: Not working is Highly Contagious!!!!!!!

We did not work again tonight.  Rick and Gary had not much more than stepped in the door when the phone rang, It was Greg, and he was tied up at work for a couple of hours.

After a short discussion Rick and I decided not to work in order not to upset Greg's fragile ego. It had nothing to do with the fact that Rick and I had other "fires to put out" or the fact that it is again raining with the temps falling below the freezing mark.

-- Gary Himes

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