Week 114 - 19 January, 2005

I hope you are all sitting down!! After a 9 week Holiday we worked on the project again.

It was nice to be together working once again and the harassment was a little heavy proving it had been a while.

Starting at the bottom leading edge we sheeted two sheets back . Once that was done we started laying up the engine nacelles. The bottom starboard nacelle even got some sheeting installed. It don't seem like much but kept us busy. Remember it had been so long since working that we had to remember where we left off and where all the parts were put!

-- Gary Himes

Week 115 - 26 January, 2005

Well, we set a new record for this year, we worked two weeks in a row. Rick is in school this week so that left Greg and Myself to carry on.

We started by sheeting the bottom of the port outboard nacelle. Once that was finished we finished sheet the starboard outboard nacelle. Quicker said than done, but as many of you have figured out by not, we are not fast builders.

I missed Rick, although, Greg and I had a great visit while building tonight! See ya next week. By the way, after almost 5 months I am still 100% smoke & nicotine free!!!!

- Gary Himes

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