Week 116 - 2 February 2005

We did work on the project tonight, however, it was a somber experience. One of my personal close friends, Jim Stocker passed away yesterday suddenly at the age of 57. Sure makes one think about his own mortality when a friend this close passes on.

The night was spent working on the bottom of the center nacelles. First wing sheeting had to be installed to allow for the nacelle formers to be located and glued in. Next the nacelle crutches were glued into place. With that done, we started sheeting the nacelles

We did stop work early tonight. The key is to keep making progress now matter how small it seems!

-- Gary Himes

Week 117     -     9 February 2005

We did not work on project tonight.  I took the wife to a dinner theater instead.

 Rick & Greg were suppose to run motor with a different carb.  I have not talked to them yet so donít know how that went.

Gary Himes

Week 118 - 16 February 2005
First I must ask you to sit down. We got over a big hurdle tonight.  The sheeting on the nacelles is complete. Yep, we finished sheeting the inboard nacelle's.

We also added a couple short sheets of planking behind the outboard nacelles. Once that was done we called it a night.

I know once again the write up is kinda short. But there is just not a lot to be said about sheeting. It is just a lot of fitting and cursing then glueing and cursing. Haha.

-- Gary Himes

Webmaster Note:  A little bird told me that the engine didn't get ran with the different carb, so nothing to report there yet.

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