Week 119 - 23 February 2005

Tonight was again work on the bottom of the wing night. Hatch night to be most specific. Actually we looked at the aileron servo mounting briefly, then decided to work on hatches instead.

The first hatch is the starboard flap control hatch which basically spans the rear part of the wing. After installing and mounting we moved on to the port flap control hatch and cut and installed it .Now back to the starboard side and fit 1 sheet of sheeting between existing sheeting and the flap control hatch just installed. Next the hatch was cut for the fuel tank/ air tank area. This hatch was not installed yet.

We fit the flaps against the hatch covers to get good fits and flaps working correctly before calling it a night.

-- Gary Himes

Week 120 - 2 March 2005
This week marks a mini- mile stone. The wing is almost completely roughed in. What this means is, next week we will probably bring home the fuse from the Sponsoring Hobby Shop (NRC Hobbies). Once we bring the fuse home we will work on the fit and flashings for the wing to the fuse. It appears I have gotten the cart in front of the horse as I haven't told you of tonight's work yet!

Starting the night was the mounting of the starboard tank access hatches and installing the last big piece of starboard sheeting. Now on to the port side. we need to cut and mount a large sheet of sheeting. Cut and fit the port tank access hatch and finally mount the port hatch.

A quick check of the plans proved the inside nacelles needed a solid carved block of balsa at the rear. Now we looked through our live pictures and check the planes again. The outboard nacelles flow back to a sharp point on the bottom. The inboard nacelles however, don't flow to a point but are blunt at the rear. Now with the blocks installed, the wing is really looking good.

We could not help ourselves. We had to install the wing tips, set back and admire. Heck, lets take the pictures tonight with the tips in.

-- Gary Himes

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