Week 121 - 9 March 2005

Well, the fuse got picked up from NRC Hobbies (Sponsoring Shop). Quickly, we decided to wait till next week to take out door pictures.

Lets get to work on this thing. OK, last fall we went to see Nine-o-Nine and took lots of pictures with dimensions and locations. We want to locate the bombay doors first. But where are the pictures, they are not on my computer. Oh ya, I put them on Floppy disks for all of us. But where is that Floppy Disk. Can't find the #$*.

Well, we need to get moving. Lets start sanding and worry about locations next week. Oh-ya, lets finish sheeting the bottom of the wing. So, that's the plan .....make lost of dust.

Will have the proverbial ducks in a row next time we work on the project.

-- Gary Himes

Week 122 - 16 March 2005
We did not work this week, the reason?, My Grand-daughter's first birthday!!

-- Gary Himes

Future B-17 Pilot with
Chief Mechanic and bottle washer!

This toy is nice, but were are the wings?

Is there any more of that cake?

Week 123 - 23 March 2005 - Construction crew not available for various reasons.

Week 124 - 30 March 2005 - Construction crew not available due to Toledo Show

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