Week 129 - 4 May 2005

Sorry guys, we did not work again this week. This week my parents needed my help. Honest, we will try again next week!

-- Gary Himes

Week 130 - 11 May 2005
Greg's parents are still in need of his help, therefore he was

unavailable tonight. Rick and I decided to work with out Greg. Without Greg things were a little quieter, however it felt good to be working on the project once again. All three of us still have family commitments hovering over our heads so work may still be spotty till mid June. Hang in there tho, as we are.  Rick worked on the rear wing faring which are attached to the fuse.

Meanwhile Gary worked on the front wing fillets. Again this sounds so quick and easy, however it takes time and eating much sanding dust.After a while we were happy with the results, so add just ever so little balsa putty to help form fillets and we call this area good for the evening.

When we installed the tail wheel some time long long ago, we made the cutout just large enough for the wheel to operate. That has been bothering us for some time now, especially Rick. Last fall we say Nine-O-Nine and took even more pictures along with dimensions. So we dig into our files and dig out our notes from the trip. With a little layout work and cutout work we now have a scale tail wheel opening.

With that done we called it a night.

-- Gary Himes

Week 131- 18 May 2005

As the saying says: Here we go again. I canceled tonight's building. The reason is simply, my plate is too full right now. Our Club is having a combination breakfast at the field and swap n shop, and guess who's in charge of the event. I also have all of Jim Stockers stuff to sell for his widow, Jackie. Sorry folks, there is simply not enough hours in the day right now.

-- Gary Himes

Week 132 - 25 May 2005

We did not work again tonight.  My fault as the daughter is graduating High School and I had lots of “honey do’s “ to get done before the party on Friday nite. 

 WE should be back to work next week.  Thanks for your support.

 -- Gary Himes

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