Week 134 - 1 June 2005

Well finally together again. First thing we did was cut out just enough to allow us to lower the main landing gear. We then installed the main wheels and tires. Also we sanded on the bottom of the wing a little.

Next, as per request we took the plane outside and took pictures. I must admit it looks good sitting on its gear outside. Sorry but no pictures of the underside this week. Will try to make room for a underside picture next week. While outside we set the bird on the scale at this time. The current weigh is a hair less than 31 pounds. The motors weigh about 3 lbs each for a total of 12 pounds. So that still leaves us 12 lbs for glass and paint.

We next discussed where we were going with the project and glassing is a little farther away than I realized, but still not real far away. After making the laundry list we called it yet another night.

-- Gary Himes

Week 135 - 8 June 2005

Here we go......some sorta record......working 2 weeks in a row!!!!!

Tonight we each had our own little job to work on. Mine was to locate and layout the bombay doors along with the front (pilots) door, the center (waist gunners) door and the rear (tail gunners) door. Sounds   quick and easy, but is not so. We took the measurments from Nine-o-nine last fall. So I had to convert to scale and draw them on the plane.

Ricks job consisted of nothing but sanding all night long. There is plenty of sanding to be done.

Gregs was special and had two jobs. First he had to put some filler pieces on the outboard wing panels. Once that was done he investigated how to cut the four air vents which are behind each motor.

As promised last week, we took pictures of the bottom side of the plane which shows the landing gear down and locked. If you look real close you can see the outlines for the doors to be cut in the future.

There is threating weather so we called it a little early. But we are once again working.

-- Gary Himes

Week 136 - 15 June 2005

We really starting to get back in the swing of things. Tonight was a Fun night with the old telling of jokes and friendly bantering we normally do. Once again we each had our own jobs to tend to.

Mine job was cutting out the pilot door, waist door, and the tail gunners door. In addition to this I made little former and glued them to the inside of the doors so they will retain their shape.

Rick was probably the busiest tonight. He shaped and sanded both wing tips. Then formed and shaped the ailerons. Then Finally glued the ailerons to the hinges in the wing.

Greg continued exploring ways to cut the air vents behind the motors on the top side of the wing. Finally he got a sample that looked right, so he proceeded to make the actual parts.

Till next week..........keep-em flying!

-- Gary Himes

Week 137     -     22 June 2005

Well sorry folks,  we fell on our face again, so to speak.  We did not work this week.  As it turned out we all had commitments of greater importance to handle.  We should be back next week,  So have a Great week and keep flyin!

Week 138 - 27 June 2005

I am going to reflect for a moment if I may. We were discussing why time is so scarce nowadays. Nowadays a nights work consists of about 2-1/2 hours. In the beginning we were a consistent 4 hard hours. I guess this is at first you have lots of enthusiasm plus progress is rapidly visible. To day we can work our buts off and see little visible progress. At the start none of us were grandparents, today, we are all three grandparents. I guess I am only making excuses so will quite and get on with it.

This week I got a nice e-mail from Rick Horn in Tucson. He is building the same kit from the same manufacturer. Mr. Horn states our reports have helped him a lot.

Tonight Jeff Laven was over with some fiberglass samples. We think he is on the right track and will be back next week with improved samples.

Tonight Rick did lots of sanding on the outboard wing panels and adjusting the aileron throws. Greg worked on the air vents some more and finally came up with a brain storm that seems to work. Myself was spinning my wheels on locating the two side cheeks and not getting them cut in.

-- Gary Himes

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