Week 152 - 5 October 2005

Still on fall break.

I also want to give my Dad a Big Happy Birthday Wish.

-- Gary Himes

Happy Birthday Mr. Himes! 

 I would also like to thank your wife, Mrs. Himes for pulling my name three (3) Yes, count 'em, not one, not two, but THREE  TIMES in a row at the Clinton Flying event for prizes this past weekend.   THANK YOU, and as always, I enjoyed getting to see you both.

 --Randy Cameron

Week 153 - 12 October 2005

If you are not sitting down, do so immediately! We Worked on the project tonight! Let me know when you catch your breath and I will continue, hahahaha!

We spent the night making the cutouts for the main wheels. Now for the first time in a long time the mains now retract once again.

After some talking and catching up, we think we have procrastinated long enough on glassing this bird. So I will check with Dale Beck and Jeff Laven to see if they can help us with their expertise next week. Keep your fingers crossed for the first glassing pictures next week!

-- Gary Himes

Week 154 - 19 October 2005

Welp..........we done it...............Thats right we started glassing the fuse.

Another BIG THANK YOU goes to Jeff Laven and Dale Beck. Jeff supplied us with a scale, mixing cans, stir sticks and much much more needed to start the glassing process. Dale Beck showed us the ins and outs of glassing.

We got the bottom side finished as you can see by the pictures.

Once Again.....Thanks Guys!

-- Gary Himes

Week 155 - 26 October 2005

We worked on the project again tonight. Rick couldn't make it as it was his daughter's birthday. Dale Beck was here again to lead the way for us.

We started by doing some finish sanding on the rudder, Next we did the blend sanding from last weeks glassing.

Once that was done we finished glassing all the topside of the fuse and both sides of the rudder.

Pictures will show that we did not cutout the excess material from openings and etc like we did last week. We will trim that tomorrow night after the epoxy as set up real good but not hard from curing yet.

The Epoxy we are using takes 72 hours to fully cure out.

-- Gary Himes

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