Week 156 - 2 November 2005

We worked again tonight. From the feed back some you don't understand what "glassing" is. Glassing is slang for fiber glassing. We are attaching fiberglass cloth with a type of finishing epoxy. The Purpose is to make the structure stronger adding as little weight as possible.

The Fiberglass cloth we are using was purchased from www.cstsales.com thru my local hobby shop. The Part number is G10803-38 and weighs only 1.4 oz per yard.

Tonight Dale, Greg and I glassed both outboard wing sections along with the aileron access panels. The bomb bay door cutout also got a coat of glass.

Meanwhile Rick was in the back room sanding on the center section of the wing. Next week the wing will need a little more sanding but should be ready for glassing also.

To the guys who sent e-mail to me this week; sorry I did not get time to reply. I think, however, that I answered your questions in the write up. If not, feel free to email me once again.

-- Gary Himes

Week 157 - 9 November 2005

Still Glassing, Once again Dale Beck was there to help and Jeff Laven checked in to check the progress. All three of us was there. First we had to do a little sanding on the wing, Then a clean up outside with the air hose and we were ready to start glassing, Don't know what else to say, enjoy the pictures.

-- Gary Himes

Week 158 - 16 November 2005

Same ole song....different verse.........we are still glassing.  Rick was MIA tonight leaving Greg, Dale and myself to carry on. Jeff also stopped by to check out the progress. we glassed the top of the wing and some of the under wing access panels as well as the bottom side of the flaps.

Don't be confused by the pictures tonight. We always move the parts we are not working on to the back room, this gets them out of the way for the nights tasks at hand. But we forgot to take pictures until every thing was moved back to the front room..

Thanks for stopping by and checking our web site out!

-- Gary Himes

Week 159 - 23 November 2005

We did not work tonight to allow us to spend more time with the family over the Holiday.

-- Gary Himes

Week 160 - 30 November 2005

To night Greg was under the weather and Dale didn't think he was still needed. That left Rick and myself to carry on.

Rick worked on the inside of the bombay door cutout trimming excess sheeting and eliminating glue clods. Then sanding smooth. Meanwhile I cutout the cloth from the vents on top of the wing.. Next we cutout the plastic chin turret and spot glued at the appropriate location.

Now we mixed up a small batch of epoxy and fiber glassed over the chin turret, Then the inside of the bombay doors was glassed. At this point we cleaned up the tools and called it a night once again.

-- Gary Himes

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