Week 173 - 1 March 2006

We did not work again this week. Like i stated last week went indoor flying instead. We decided to keep building on Wednesday....so see ya next week.

-- Gary Himes

Week 174 - 8 March 2006

Back on track again, yes, we worked tonight.

The bottom of the fuse/stab and the tail gunner bubble are the only places without primmer. So first business was to turn the fuse over and sand then prime, then sand some more and prime again. We are getting pickier about sanding every week so the fuse bottom and stab bottom is the best yet, although not completely sanded out. With that all colored with primer we decided to turn over and work on the tail gunners bubble.

Closer inspection of this area tonight lead us to the conclusion we were not happy with the way it looked. If you want refer back to the pictures from February 15 and you might get a better clue of what I am talking about. The bubble did Not blend into the fuse like it should. After some discussion we used 1/16" thick balsa to make shims on the sides just forward of the bubble. After more sanding it finally looks like we think it should. To out comes the glass cloth and epoxy to re-glass this area. Bottom line it will be two more weeks before this are can be primed. Next week will include sanding this area and applying a second coat of epoxy.

Thanks for dropping by and will see ya next week!

-- Gary Himes

Week 175 - 15 March 2006

Tonight will make most people happy (except my web master) as I have 5 pictures of the project all together outside.

The weather was nice so we decided to put all together and do a picture shoot and weigh in. As pictured you can see all landing gear, servos, motors and major components are installed for the picture shoot. The weight as shown is 43 pounds. That leaves 12 pounds to complete the entire project and keep under the magic 55 pounds for the AMA. We feel keeping the project under 55 pounds is now a walk in the park. We also checked balance. As it sets now, it is only a little nose heavy. That is soo much better than tail heavy.

As you can probably guess, we spent a lot of time standing around admiring it and giggled a lot. Finally we decided to do some work so back to sanding and priming we went.

-- Gary Himes

Week 176 - 22 March 2006

Well here we are in the extremes, Last week 5 pictures and this week only 2 pictures..

Last week the excitement of putting the bird together and taking pictures. This week the boredom of sanding and priming.

Like the intro, we spent lots of elbow grease sanding the top sides to the fuse. All three of us were here and Jeff Laven showed up and spent a little elbow grease also. The fuse is starting to look a lot better as all the imperfections and orange peal from the epoxy are getting smoothed out.

Thanks for stopping by!

-- Gary Himes

Week 177 - 29 March 2006

Gosh darn It!! We let other things get in the way and did Not work tonight........Sorry..........

-- Gary Himes

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