Week 182 - 3 May 2006

Since today is my birthday, I suspended operations and went to my daughters house for a free steak dinner!

-- Gary Himes

Note from webmaster:  Happy birthday Gary, which one is it anyway...  25 again, with 25 years experience? 
A bunch of us met at Clinton to fly and celebrate Gary's birthday and we had a blast as we normally do when we get together.   As with tradition, Gary supplied burgers for all.  Here are a few of the pictures taken by Elizabeth, as usual she did a great job.  I do believe she has been tagged as the Official Photographer.    Also a big Thanks to all the guys at the Golden Valley R/C club for putting up with us. 
-- Randy

Week 183 - 10 May 2006

Due to working over time, Daydream Believer was not worked on this week.

--Gary Himes

Week 183 - 17 May 2006

Due to working over time (again), Daydream Believer was not worked on this week.

--Gary Himes

Week 184 - 24 May 2006

Again, Due to working over time, Daydream Believer was not worked on this week.

--Gary Himes

All work, and no play???

Week 193 - 26 July 2006



We have not worked on the project since week 181 of 26 April 2006.

Based on the amount of e-mails I have been getting........there is a lot of un-rest and worried people out there.

Let me assure you there is NOTHING WRONG! The problem is, that starting in May and through all of June I was on long hours at work in the middle of a big project there. July came rolling along and I was finally off overtime, however my partners have a life also. So between the three of us, we just have too much going on in our personal lives.

We will resume work sometime this fall. We have been working on the project for 3 years now. Therefore, we think we deserve to be able to take the summer off to vacation, be with our families and fly our own stuff on a more regular basis.

Apparently, we have a far bigger following than we ever dreamed of. But, just hang in there, we are going to finish the project and fly the beast. There is NO problems between the three of us.......just normal living.

Thanks and talk more in a couple months.

P.S. Today is our webmasters Birthday..........Happy Birthday Randy!!!!!!! Welcome to the fifty something Club!!

-- Gary Himes

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