Week 194 - 8 November 2006

Hello all!!.........................Sorry.............thought you were sitting down.............Sorry

We did work tonight, although first we got caught up with each other.

In all honesty today's weather was a record setting mid 80'sF. I did try to get the guys to go fly instead of working. But they are stronger than me so we stayed here and worked.

First we talked about where we have been and where we are going on the project. The first (and only) undertaking for the night was the hinging of the bomb doors. Se first played with some Robart door hinges but it was not working out like we wanted. First step and the project is kicking our butts already.....ha.

Out come our pictures of the full scale, of which we have some great bomb bay door details. We decided to hinge just like the full scale. Our brains are not in tune yet, mechanically things are just not right.

It is getting late by this time so we call it a night. This weekend I will draft the situation out and see what we are missing.

It is good to be back together again!

-- Gary Himes

Week 208 - 15 November 2006

Oops........last week I messed up the project week number....the one posted tonight is the correct one.

Rick was on vacation and was not here, Greg was here but had other commitments in the evening. Therefore Greg and I worked only a short while. Murphy was on our shoulders and we couldn't find our hollow carbon fiber rod, so off to the Hobby Shop we go.

When I drafted the Bomb bay door hinge problem I figured out we were setting the hinge too far away from the skin. Now our hinge line is only 1/8" (front & rear) under the skin. WE built the front and rear hinge brackets to prove the concept. Once this was done we called it a night.

-- Gary Himes

Week 209 - 22 November 2006

Just look at the pictures tonight. The bomb bay doors are hinged and working fine..........Cool

All three of us worked tonight. Next get together we will have to work out front hinges (pictures is taken from rear of wing).  We all grinned a lot as it looks great, (however I am not very wordy tonight). We had a great night, but at the end we got a little down as next week I MUST go back on overtime because of year end shipments of my company.

-- Gary Himes


Week 210 - 29 November 2006

Well as others have said....."Here we go again".................. 

That's right we didn't work tonight. I would like to blame it on the first Ice storm of the year, but that is not the truth. Truth is I am back on heavy overtime once again and will remain there for the next 2 or 3 weeks. What a bummer as we were starting to get back in the groove. But I like to eat...so I better work the overtime my company desires...............Sorry.........

-- Gary Himes

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