Week 216 - 3 January 2007


Surprise!.........Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hopefully we can start the New Year right and stay on track better this coming year. With that said, however, we will not be working on the project next. I have a little surprise that we will reveal next week..

Tonight we finished the bomb doors except for the servo mounting. We installed the front guide pins on the door (forward of the wing spar.

With the doors closed the front guide pins look like hinges, but they are not. The pins make the doors close flush at the front. Next we added 1/4 x 1/2 balsa down the center edge of the door , then sanded every thing flush to the new balsa.

A little clean up then primer and we were happy and called it a night.

We did have a little of a bull session to decide where we are going next. Chances are good it will be the cowls. We need to get with Dale Beck and see how the forming of the cowls is going.

Keep warm!

-- Gary Himes

Week 219 - 24 January 2007

Well last time I promised a suprise. The night of 10 January, I maiden flew my B17 indoors. That is my Roadkill electric B17. Here is video of the whole ordeal:


Now forward to tonight. Greg was busy helping his boy move so was unavailable to build. Rick and I decided to go ahead and work without him. Our attention was given to the waist gunner door. Since my Granddaughter just showed up you will have to figure it out from the pictures. The hinges were hand built by us and the last picture has a mirror placed inside the door.

-- Gary Himes

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