Week 221 - 7 February 2007

We didn't work last week, this time due to a bad storm moving through.

But tonight we all reported for duty. Seems we are mired in detail work.

We got the waist gunners door working fine and permanently installed. With that done we next fabricated the hinges for the tail gunner door and start fitting into fuse. At this time it is getting late and the door was starting to fight back. So we called it a night.

-- Gary Himes

Week 223 - 21 February 2007

As you know , we didn't work last week. I don't know if you understand, but since it was Valentine Day, my wife was NOT going to understand if we worked...........haha...............

Back to the boring detail work once again. We did finish mounting the tail gunner door. After fitting problems and going down dead ends, we had to step back and take a look at this door. The reality is WE need this door to have access to hook up all the elevator and rudder controls. Therefore the door needs to open very wide and we were having a problem with this. Then light came on (so to speak) and we bolted the mounting instead of gluing. This allowed us to better see the adjustments we needed and make them.

Once done we looked and discussed the forward pilots access door. This one is going to be yet again slightly different than the rest. Rick had an appointment mid evening so we just called it yet another night.

Once the pilot door is done the plan will be to start the engine cowls.

--Gary Himes

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