Week 229 - 4 APRIL 2007

 We did not work on the cowl mold tonight as advertised. Instead we stayed in the "City" and worked at my house.

We started to mount the engine servos. After looking the situation over we decided the carb blocks needed trimmed first. Sorry, I did not take any before pictures ..........guess, I am losing it. Anyhow the blocks had a large shield molded into them. First we trimmed to the shape of the carb, then we made a little thinner to pull the carb a little more into the cowl area. Now we need shorter screws to mount the carbs with.

Rick thought he had some at work so he is going to check.

With that job out of the way, we turned to the exhaust side. After some discussion it was decided to use straight pips that will exit out the bottom of the cowl near the spark plug.. Now the concept is there we need someone to fabricate the exhaust for us. For this task Greg called upon fellow ham radio friend Justin, KC0OGH. He come right over and agreed to do the exhaust pipes for us.

We then called it a night and plan to meet at Ricks next week, baring any more interruptions.

--Gary Himes

Week 230 - 11 April 2007

We did go to Ricks tonight and got the molds turned out.

Wood chips, dust and dirt & a little time and we were done.

--Gary Himes

Week 231 - 18 April 2007

Tonight we remolded cowls again. I believe we got it right this time.

In addition to the cowls we also molded the nacelle extensions. This is needed because of the gas motors we moved the firewall rearward of the shown locations. These will extend our now short nacelles.


--Gary Himes

Week 232 - 25 April 2007

Tonight Greg was not available, however, today he picked up the prototype exhaust stack from this friend Justin AKA KC0OGH and dropped it off at my house.

So Rick and I were checking out the exhaust. Out loud one of us says....its a shame the exhaust stacks must be on the same side all the way across the wing. Rick stares at one of the motors and says i think we can rotate the head 180 degrees. So we rotated one and mechanically it worked after just a little grinding for the carb new location. Still doubting this we removed the motor from the wing and mounted it to the stand outside, It fired and run just fine. Cool......now we can mount all the carbs inboard and all the exhausts outboard. That should make it look much better in the air from the side views.

Excitedly we rotate the head on the remaining motor.

Darn.........somehow we jammed the piston ring and broke it. Guess we need to order a new ring now!

We finished mocking up the exhaust. Next was to make the decision to re-tap the carb mounting block so we can use standard #10-24 screws instead of the fast thread screws provided. The screws must be 1/2"

shorter than stock because of the various modifications we have made.

With large smiles on our faces we called it a night.

-- Gary Himes

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