Week 234 - 9 MAY 2007

 As you have probably figured out by now, we did not work last week.

 Reason being, it was my wife's birthday and she is one of the major milestones of life. 

We started the night by tapping the carb blocks to #10-24 thread and put proper screws in.  As you recall the stock screws were a fast thread and now too long since we shortened the carb block.  So no more nuts as spacers. 

We were not in the mood to tackle throttle servos , so we worked installing and connecting the flap servos.  As you modeler know, this is much quicker said than done, as we built the servo mounting and push rods, plus spent a lot of time adjusting on the hinges of the flaps.

 -- Gary Himes

Week 235 - 16 MAY 2007

 Advance warning......we will NOT work again next week.  The flying club is having a float fly that weekend and will be busy getting planes ready to fly on floats.

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