Week 238 - 7 JUNE 2007

 Well, we tried to work tonight but had a rough time doing so.  Rick was a bit late because he had to replace some parts on his truck.  I had an appointment tomorrow night to get a bid on some new windows, but the guy showed up 1 day early

Once we got started, it has been so long we didn't know where to begin.

We decided to try and get the flaps put to rest.  So first we finished fitting the flaps then glued with epoxy and micro balloons, and clamped into position.

By this time it was getting late but we wanted to get something else done,  So we drilled holes to run the flap servo wires into the bomb bay.  I know this sounds minor, but it is one more thing complete.

-- Gary Himes

Week 241     -     27 June 2007

Yes, we got together tonight, Heck we even worked a little. 

Our first item for the night was to install the new piston ring that we broke so long ago.  Guess what, this was the second time they sent a ring and it is still the wrong one.  On the phone once again we go.  They claim they will have the right one sent to us this week. (Really?)

Next we went back to the flaps and checked the throw.  Not the same throw  between the two flaps so we spent some time adjusting the linkages.

So what are we going to work on next?  The magic finger landed on the ailerons.  We did some final sanding on the ailerons then applied Balsa-rite to them.  While the Balsa-rite was drying, I questioned Rick about the broken door handle on my truck and how to replace the new one I already have.  Well before I knew it we were working on the door.  This didn’t take too long and the balsa-rite was good and dry when the door was finished.

So back to the project we go.  We covered one aileron and were admiring it when we figured out it is getting late.  So we once again call it a night.

It was really good to be working again, however, next work night is the 4th of July and we will be spending time with our families instead of building.


Week 244 - 18 July 18, 2007

We worked a little tonight. We finally got the right piston ring and installed it the motor. Once this was done Gregg sanded on the moveable tail serfaces while Rick & I covered the other aileron and rudder. We than called an early end to the night because of family.

Week 246 - 1 August 2007

Yes at our current break neck speed of working on the project, we did indeed work on it just a little. Both elevators were covered and access panels were sanded and primed. Next meeting they will need a little more sanding but the high humidity tonight was not allowing the primmer to dry very fast, there fore after two coats of primmer we decided to let it cure till next time. (at this rate it should be good and dry in another month……ha ha) It is the good ole summer time here in the heartland, which is good for everything other than building. In all probability it will be another 2 or 3 weeks until we can once get together.

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