Week 266 - 18 December 2007

I will pause a few moments to allow all of you to pick yourselves up off the floor!

Hope you didn’t get hurt!

To answer lots of your question…..yes the project is alive and well.  All 3 of us needed time off for a while as there were several things going on in each of our lives.  I am sorry I didn’t post information along the way.  I did not realize it has been this long of a break until I was figuring the project week number.  We never dreamed the project would take us this long but the three of us feel it is a hobby……not a job…..and will be done when it is done.  Our friendship is stronger and lasted longer than some marriages I could name.  Enough of the excuses and on with the report.

We are going to try to meet on Tuesdays nights for a while, however, due to Christmas/New Years the next couple weeks will still be Wednesday nites.  As you can image not much work got completed last nite..  We tried to figure out where we left off.  We talked about throttle linkage some.  Next we re-Ironed the covering on the control surfaces.  We took a trip to the hardware store and bought a rattle can of camouflage paint to paint hinge lines with.  After painting behind the aileron and some more discussion we called it a night.  Since there is really nothing to take pictures of, I will omit them this time.

We wish every one a very Merry Christmas.

                   Gary, Rick & Greg         ....and dito from Randy, Merry Christmas everyone.....

Week 267 - 26 December 2007

Well, I don’t like this …………but because of Murphy’s Law we did not work tonight.

There is a Winter storm blowing thru and since Rick & Greg have quite a ways to travel, we decided not to risk their life or vehicle and called it off for the night.

Will try it again next week.  So, in the mean time have a HAPPY NEW YEAR

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