Week 377     -     3 February 2010

This week Greg showed up with sandwiches in hand like we are becoming accustomed.  Thank you very much Greg for picking this up for us.  Rick and I do appreciate this even though you make us pay for our own food. (Tongue in check)

Tonight we continued painting the inner surfaces of the plane.  Some places were 2nd coat and some were 1st coat.  I got some longer and better artist type brushes which helps get in the corners and other deep crevices.  To me it looks like we will still be 2 more weeks painting.  This is not a particularly exciting time but the primer colored paint really makes a big difference in our eyes.

See ya next time!

GRG Associates (Gary & Crew)

Week 378     -     10 February 2010

By now I am sure you have figured out we started our evening by eating,  Yep, Subway sandwiches picked up by Greg,  thanks guy.

Bet you can also guess what we did tonight.  Yep, more interior painting.  I tried to mix it up a little with the pictures from tonight.  One is taken from the nose looking towards the tail inside the fuselage.  Really looks good with first coat of paint!  The other shows the wing, right side up, with gear down and bomb bay doors open, and flaps down.  Looks impressive don’t it.  With a little luck we will finish interior painting next week and move on to bigger better things! 

Oh, I just remembered, we did do a little more than paint this week.  The decision was made to remove the flaps so it would be easier to paint them.  With the flaps removed we found some glue blobs around the hinges which were impeding the flap movement.  So with glue blobs missing the flaps work better and further plus they were easier to paint.

See ya next time!

GRG Associates (Gary & Crew)

Week 379     -     17 February 2010

As usual, we ate our sandwich before starting work.

We started the night with Greg touching up the paint on the inside of the fuse while Rick and I started on the bomb bay doors.  Greg was on one table while we were on the other table.  Greg didn’t paint too long as the room just is not large enough for the two large projects at the same time.

Anyhow, we are all three working on the doors.  First decision of the night was to use ball joint at the door end and a simple L bend at the servo.    The second decision was to use two of the HS 81 servos we already had, for the doors.  These were bought years ago for the throttle but experience gained since then, shows us we want better servos for the throttles.

It seemed natural to mount the ball joint on the door where we did and servo where we did.  We had that nice warm feeling and were happy.  Then someone grabbed the doors while in the open position.  They moved quite a large distance without the servo moving,  what the heck?  We had failed basic machines 101 sub titled “the lever”.  The ball joint attachment is almost in direct line with the hinges, there fore improper mechanical advantage and the door can move as the wind dictates.

After figuring out what we did wrong and getting a solution in our heads, we called it yet another week.   See ya next time!

GRG Associates (Gary & Crew)

Week 380     -     24 February 2010

We all know life doesn’t always go smoothly,  and the project is no exception.  I  suppose you think we had a big fight tonight, but you are wrong.  The bomb bay doors are just throwing us a fit. (or non fit, so to speak)  So when you look at the pictures, you will see what not to do instead of what to do.

Because of the shape of the wing only the rear ¾ is hinged as at the front the flapping in the breeze.  Our original thoughts were to hook the servos at the front of the doors would tighten them up.  In practice, exactly the opposite is true.  The door has excessive movement,  because of the lack of a front hinge.

Because of family commitments 2 of us needed to quit early.  Hopefully things will go better next week and we will have new ideas for the rework.

See ya next time!

GRG Associates (Gary , Rick & Greg)

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