Week 381    -     3 March 2010

Some times no matter what you do you get your butt kicked.  Well friends, the bomb bay doors have their very best kicking boots on and we are feeling it.  Rick said it best and I quote: “Whey back when I was a pup and we started this project, of all the possible problems I could see, the bomb bay doors was NOT one of them”.  Enough crying, here is what we did.

The thoughts which started the night were to somehow add a front hinge and keep the current servo locations and hook-up.  With a little time, we remembered and proved why there isn’t a front hinge.  To keep in line with the other three hinges the hinge line would be on the outside of the fuse.  This is because of the upward radius of the fuse at the front of the doors.

While we thought on that, we installed tri-stock on the door where the hinge ribs meet the door.  We have been breaking these off messing with the door and decided to make this area stronger so the future winds/air doesn’t rip the doors off.  We also got the second door servo mounted.

 Next week will be an off week again.  Two of us have possible family commitments that need attended.  We also have a solution to our doors in our head.  But I will not spill the beans on this one.  This will be our Cliff hanger to make you tune in two weeks from now!

GRG Associates (Gary , Rick & Greg)

Week 383     -     17 March 2010

Well……..yes we did work tonight……however……..I considered saying we didn’t work.  That would allow me not to admit the doors are still in an A$$ kicking mood.

Yes we did make headway, and the “track” I had machined did work  We wanted to use the smaller HS-81 servos, but this will not work, they are just too light duty.  In our setups tonight we managed to take the gear train right out of two servos.   

Greg has some retract servos we will try to use next week.  Hopefully that will solve the remaining problems with the doors.  See ya next week.

GRG Associates (Gary , Rick & Greg)

Side Note:  Happy Birthday to "Team Captain" Audrey

Week 384     -     24 March 2010

Well……..yes we did work tonight……however……..We spent much time talking.  That is part of the project….right?  We think so, if it wasn’t for the camaraderie there would be no reason for the project.  Each of us had our own little problem tonight.  No need to point fingers, just say we should have gotten more done.  We did eat our healthy Subway sandwich, as usual.  Thanks Greg, we really appreciate you picking them up. 

We decided the primary flight controls will be on a new spread spectrum transmitter.  The secondary controls will be on an existing 72mhz transmitter.  We also discussed, since day light savings time is here, we may go flying some night.  Its been quite a while since we all were out flying together.

Just to continue the bad boy routine for the night there is no pictures.  Next week will be another off week for us.  See ya in two weeks.

GRG Associates (Gary , Rick & Greg)

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