Week 386 - 07 April 2010

Yep we worked tonight. I had the delrin to make the Bombay guides with and Greg showed up with a retract servo to try. Oops, Greg you grabbed the wrong servo. You brought a HS645MG instead. Oh well, we will try anyway to see what happens. Hey, everything is working good and the doors are closing all the way. Very Cool!

Next we made the servo mounting for the other door and finished the mounting for the door already tested. I will have to admit Greg was in the mood to work, and was the driving force tonight.

Now on to the delrin guides using our aluminum piece as a template. We scrapped the first one because the guide slot was open ended on one end. This allowed too much flex so we scrapped it and made another with both ends closed. There, that works much better. We will make the other side next week.

My job, is not to acquire 3 more servos before next week. I did not take pictures again tonight as there is really nothing to take pictures of. See ya next week.

Week 388   -     21 April 2010

Sorry, we did not work last week.  I had some sort of bug and was home from work.  The other chickens didnít want exposed to what ever I had.

Good news is we did work tonight.  We even worked twice as long as we normally have been in the recent past.  Bad news is we only got one of the doors complete.  We kicked its butt and got the job done.  However, the other door took notice and kicked our butt.

We will get the other door next week.  I am not very wordy tonight so will quit and see ya again next week.

GRG Associates (Gary , Rick & Greg)

Week 389   -     28 April 2010

Big Giant HeadlinesÖ..THE BOMB BAY DOORS ARE DONE.  They do need control rod adjustment and radio setup but for now they are done.  Finished!  What a relief it is!!

I canít believe it took so long, we donít even want to know how long it took.  The comfort is the doors are scale position and shape.  Our current statement of the day is ďanyone can put in flat doorsĒ.  Donít pop our bubble, just let us rejoice in the bomb bay door completion.

We were so anxious to have the doors done we didnít even take pictures.  We just turned the wing over and started fitting one of the nacelle extensions that we built such a long time ago.  It was so long ago, that it took a little thinking to figure out what we had in mind.

We finally figured it out and started.  The nacelle extensions over lap the nacelle by Ĺ inch and is mounted by screws.  We will have to add filler behind the extensions and feather into the nacelle.  We believe the cowls will be mounted with 4 stand offs thru the front of the cowl.  This may seem like Greek right now but will make more sense in the near future.  Enjoy the two pictures of the nacelle extensions and we will see ya next week.

GRG Associates (Gary , Rick & Greg)

Week 392 - 19 MAY 2010

Nope, we did not work last week. This was because Rick had his daughterís graduation to attend.

We did work tonight, but probably should not have. Greg was not feeling well but insisted we work anyhow. We mounted the last of the nacelle extensions. Once that was done we installed all the top filler sheeting around the three remaining nacelles. After some sanding and priming the top sheeting we turned the wing over and started the same on the bottom. By this time Greg admitted to feeling worse so we called it a night. After all we are all caught up on the gossip.

Next week will be my turn to cop out. We will not work as I will be getting ready for a party over Memorial Weekend. Also, remember summer time means Vacation time so there will be several off weeks during the summer.

So until June 2, have a safe Holiday and enjoy your self!

GRG Associates (Gary , Rick & Greg)

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