Week 394 - 2 JUNE 2010

As advertised we did not work last week because of the upcoming Memorial weekend.

Greg had to work late tonight, so Rick and I got caught up from the Memorial weekend flying activities, looked at pictures and watched videos. Greg got here only about 30 minutes late, but with our sandwiches in hand. So we ate and catch Greg up on the videos and the weekend activities.

Once we got started working on the project, we finished adding the wood filler mating to the nacelle extensions on the bottom. Soon the wood was all applied and sanded. This completes adding the wood filler to all the nacelles.

Rick brought spot putty so the next job to go smooth and blend in the added wood filler. This is a slow job because of waiting for the spot putty to dry so we can sand and prime between coats. This only got done to the bottom side for this night. It started getting late enough to call it a night. I didn't take any pictures of the project tonight. Not much to tell that pictures would show.

We will not work the next 3 weeks because of summer vacation trips and obligations. Therefore the next scheduled work date will be June 30. So follow our lead, get out and enjoy good ole summertime.

GRG Associates (Gary , Rick & Greg)

Week 400 - 14 JULY 2010

Week 400...........Unbelievable, we have been working on this project now for 7.692 years. Hard to believe. Depending on who you talk to this is either a big milestone or a great travesty. Regardless of what you think we are OK on where the project is. Oh sure we would have liked to have it done 6 years ago, but no big deal. I must admit though, last night we were joking around about flying this using personal walkers:.

Work this summer will be spotty, as all three of us have lots of things going on. Also not all vacations are taken yet, and at least of us has multiple vacations through out the summer months. Yet you guessed it, we are not working again next week.

Two weeks ago I had a WWII B17 Vet come over to check out the project. I don't have my notes here with me but, his first name was Dan. Dan enjoyed looking at the project very much , and I could tell it brought back lots of memories. I need to do a write up on that night later when I have more time.

After all this babble you probably think we did Not work last night. Wrong!! The wing was turned right side up because of Dan's visit, so we worked on filling the top side of the nacelle's where we had added balsa. Actually we got a good lick in, as all the heavy filling and sanding is done to the topside of the nacelle's. I did not get pictures last night because I had other projects needing attention after the crew went home.

We should be back in a couple of weeks so see ya then!

GRG Associates (Gary , Rick & Greg)

Week 402 - 28 JULY 2010

OK, If you were betting that we did Not work, YOU WON. We have a more noble excuse this time. WE had about a dozen or so Cub Scouts at the field last night. With three buddy box setups, each and every one got to fly an RC airplane. These boys were really excited and a couple of them are natural rc pilots.

With August just around the corner, building time is still sparse. There is still vacation time that needs used up before school starts.

Enjoy the summer and see you in a few weeks, so see ya then!

GRG Associates (Gary , Rick & Greg)
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